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gay audio book Try Me AudioBook by Nev Wilder

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Try Me
by Neve Wilder

Category: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance

Neve Wilder returns with another new adult, MM college romance in the Extracurricular series.

You initially meet Chet and Marc in Want Me, the first book of the series, but this this can easily be read as a standalone.

Marc and Chet were once childhood friends but a falling out between their fathers kept their only interactions during high school to those on the basketball court. Now at the same college, they have been able to steer clear of one another until junior year when they realize they are both interning at the same law firm. Ever the competitors, the tension to one up each other is turned on, but the sexual tension between them is just as strong.

This was a great, friends to enemies to lovers romance. I loved how the prologue set the stage for their relationship so you could understand their animosity and attraction when they are later paired as interns in college.

Wilder did a great job at presenting this push-pull dynamic between them. They had some serious baggage to work through that had diminished their friendship and yet at the same time they could sense this sexual attraction. Even though Chet was out as gay and Marc was not, it didn�t matter. If anything, I loved how Marc didn�t fight their attraction and wanted to see where things led.

While Try Me wasn�t as sexually explicit as Want Me, it still centered around two guys who ultimately stopped fighting their attraction and fought to be together. I could take or leave the law intern bits of the story but really liked how they rehashed their feelings growing up and worked through their joint friendship with another male student.

Overall a great read if you like MM college romances. Plus the epilogue was the best!


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