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Want Me by Neve Wilder

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Want Me
by Neve Wilder
Category: Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Wow, this book! Want Me is a MM romance set in college between two roommates and it is one HOT, erotic romance. I was looking for a new MM romance to read and Wilder didn’t disappoint. She is a new author to me which totally makes me giddy as this book has me adding all her books to my TBR pile.

I categorize this as an erotic romance because this book is all about the sexual experiences and sexual experimentation between Eric and Nate in their relationship development. From the start it’s pretty much one sexual encounter after another starting with an “oops” run in at the house they both live in.

Nate is clearly letting off some steam in his room while studying for a calculus exam when Eric walks in on him unannounced. Only Eric doesn’t turn his gaze right away, enjoying the view, and Nate finds he enjoys it too. Thus starts off a story of sexual discovery for Nate who realizes he’s not so straight after all.

This isn’t a romance about sexual identity confusion or anything like that and there wasn’t a conversation or dialogue that forced a label on either of their sexual orientations or identities. It was really a story about two guys who had amazing chemistry and just went with it – only fighting it at one point but quickly realizing that they were meant to be together whether in secret or not.

Even though they go for it in terms of physical intimacy from the get go, you got a sense that they were both holding back on the emotional intimacy side. Eric called him “frat boy” instead of his name and Nate held back from any kissing.

Yet physically, Nate surrendered to Eric’s dominance pretty easily and felt secure in however and wherever Eric led him. And seriously – they guys had a thing for having sex ANYWHERE but in a bed!



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